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The CapTexTri Race Report

The Capital of Texas Triathlon took downtown Austin by storm on Memorial Day.  I registered just two weeks before for the Sprint distance, figuring the Olympic distance would be too much for my second-ever tri.  Compared to the Rookie Tri this race felt like the big leagues.  There was serious prize money ($12,500 to the winner), pro athletes, and plenty sponsors and vendors.  It also had more than its share of breakdowns and issues, but I won’t get into that here.  Here’s how everything went for me as I’m still trying to find my way in this whole triathlon jungle.

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A Rookie’s Race Report

Well it’s official.  I have evolved from runner to triathlete.  Sunday was the Rookie Triathlon put on by Jack and Adam’s Bicycles, Austin Fit Magazine, and High Five Events.  The whole shebang happens 10 miles east of my apartment in and around Walter E. Long Park right here in Austin.  Since this post might get a little long (it is my first tri after all), let’s dive right in.  (click the photos of me to enlarge)

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Cap10K Race Report – Automatic PR

After my less-than-reassuring preview post, I did run the Austin American Statesman Capitol 10K on Sunday.  Having never raced a 10K before I really had no experience to work with.  I knew I could run 6.2 miles without a problem, but exactly how fast was the real question.  The beauty of running a new distance is that no matter what, I get to set a new personal record!  So other than setting a PR by default, here’s how it all went.

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Austin: It’s All Uphill From Here

The 2011 LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon came and went on Sunday, starting in the pre-dawn glow and finishing in the shadow of the state capitol building.  With over 15,000 runners for the 20th anniversary of the race, and the first year with the LIVESTRONG sponsorship, this race felt like the big leagues.  As I mentioned previously, I hadn’t trained as much nor as focused as usual, so my goals going in were set conservatively*.  So how did I do in my 10th marathon?  Hint: lots of ups and downs.

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Ah, the sweet sound of crushing Colin victory.  This past Sunday I ran the 3M Half Marathon right here in Austin.  Meant to be a tune-up race for the Austin Marathon, I didn’t have a goal when I first registered.  That changed last week when I decided to go for a new personal record (1:35:11).  Well, the morning of the race that changed to seeing exactly how fast I could run the race (and how close could I get to Colin’s current PR of 1:31:49).  How’d things go?  Let’s find out!

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Run Like Someone’s Chasing You

The 2010 San Antonio Marathon took over the streets of, you guessed it, San Antonio on Sunday.  Colin flew down to run the race with me, and it was the first marathon for both of us in quite awhile — Miami, Jan 2010 for me, Chicago, Oct 2009 for Colin.  The worst part has been that Colin’s been holding the title of fastest marathon time between the two of us for 13 months.  From my race preview, you know my goals were to beat Colin this time and beat his best time, so really I’m racing Colin twice.

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Run for the Water Race Report

As I mentioned in my preview, all within about a five day period I discovered the Run for the Water, registered for the race, and, since then, ran the race.  With respect to my training plan for San Antonio, this week I was supposed to run a tune-up race between 8 and 10 kilometers the day before my 16 mile long run.  What did I do?  A 10 mile (16 km) race the day after my long run.  Same difference.  So with this change of schedule, how did it all go?

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Bring on the Heat!

Sunday I ran the Hottest Half Marathon in Dallas, as determined by you the people in my poll.  To get it out of the way, I was promised hot, and it was hot.  Ohhh it was hot.

Start: ~84 feels like 90 | Finish: ~90 feels like 99

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And the Award Goes To…

Reflect with me, won’t you?  Last Wednesday I had the fastest time in the NI 3 Mile Fun Run.  My overall time of 18:54 was the best of all those who signed up and ran.  Well, for every great effort there is a prize (or at least that’s what they tell you as a kid).  I guess since running is something that children do, I was entitled to a prize.

In a follow-up email to the run, the top finishers were announced and a secret raffle was done mentioning some unsuspecting winners of Whataburger gift certificates.  And no, the irony was not lost on me that fast food gift certificates were given as a prize to a fitness awareness event.  Maybe an indirect strategy to tempt the unfit to exercise so that they could win fast food gift certificates!  Genius!  Anyway, awards were promised to the fastest participants (and as you know, this is Run for the Medal, not Run for the Whataburger) so I was sold.

Today, that award was ceremoniously presented left on a desk for me to pick up.  I must say, I like it a lot.  Perhaps this blog could be (temporarily) renamed to Run For The Medal and Trophy!  Well, ladies and gentlemen person, here it is!

Pretty cool, if I do say so myself!  They even personalized the inscription with my name correct gender and age group.  The countdown has started for next year’s 3 Mile Fun Run.  Let the training begin!

A First Time for Everything

In case you haven’t been keeping track of my life, I recently began working at National Instruments* in Austin.  It’s been a crazy whirlwind of information being thrown my way, but it’s starting to piece itself together in my head.  Just one of the adjustments necessary when moving to a company 70x larger than my last.  One of the benefits of a larger company is organized extracurricular activities!  Yesterday, we had a 3 Mile Fun Run.

As far as my (running) career has gone, the only “races” I’ve done have been longer distance (i.e. half and full marathons only).  No 5K or 10K races here.  So this 3 Mile Fun Run (note: not a 5K (3.1 miles)) is uncharted territory for these here legs.  I got some quick pointers from Colin (like “deeeeeeeeeefinitely warm up” and “don’t go out too fast”) and showed up to the sign-in table.

After a few important messages, like course directions, we lined up and were let loose.  The course itself was three 1-mile loops, each loop in the shape of a T.  We started at the bottom of the T, headed “north”, made a right, then a U-turn at the right end, ran til we made a U-turn at the left end, and then a right to head back “south” on the long part of the T. I should mention here that all registrants had to write down their expected finish time.  My estimated time was 20:59.  I diligently scanned the list and figured that if it all played out as expected, I’d come in 6th (out of 57 runners).

I warmed up a little by bouncing up and down.  At the start, I found myself in 3rd place and going much faster than my 7 minute/mile pace.  Sorry, Colin.. 0 for 2 on your tips.  Anyway, after the first lap, I found myself in first place!  All I could think was “when are these other guys gonna fly by me?”  After lap 2 I felt a sense of relief as I told myself “less than a mile to go!”  I kept looking over my shoulder, checking for someone to come up behind me.  During each of the U-turns I was able to gauge how much of a lead I had.  As the finish got closer, step by step, I started to realize that no one was going to pass me.

I crossed the line with a time of 18:54, over two minutes faster than my prediction!  In 1st place!  That’s a lot better than 3649th place that I got at the Chicago Marathon.  No word yet if I actually win a prize, but it was cool just to come in first!  Not gonna lie, when we were getting the instructions before the race about the course, I was thinking that only the person in first needs to know where to go.

P.S. – It’s worth noting, this doesn’t mean I’m the fastest person at NI.  It just means I was the fastest person to sign up and participate in this race fun run.

*No, we don’t make calculators.  That’s Texas Instruments.