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Identity Crisis

Last October I shifted the focus of my blog from running to running + food trailering.  Well, it’s about time we move locations again.  This time it’s to broaden things even more, and to move to a self-hosted domain.  The end goal is to create an online juggernaut that will rival Facebook a personal space where I can feel moderately important in my own little world.

All drama aside, please continue politely putting up with me enjoying my wacky nondescript adventures here at  Bear with me while I put on some final touches on the new site, and I look forward to seeing you on the other side!

The CapTexTri Race Report

The Capital of Texas Triathlon took downtown Austin by storm on Memorial Day.  I registered just two weeks before for the Sprint distance, figuring the Olympic distance would be too much for my second-ever tri.  Compared to the Rookie Tri this race felt like the big leagues.  There was serious prize money ($12,500 to the winner), pro athletes, and plenty sponsors and vendors.  It also had more than its share of breakdowns and issues, but I won’t get into that here.  Here’s how everything went for me as I’m still trying to find my way in this whole triathlon jungle.

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Replacement 70.3 Race

The sting of realizing my brain lapse hasn’t quite worn off yet.  With the pain still fresh I’m looking forward to what event I can use as a replacement target race.  There aren’t many requirements that the race needs to meet, but they’re pretty specific: it needs to be a Half Ironman (70.3) distance and it needs to fall some time between Labor Day and Thanksgiving.  Right now I have two options in mind.

I’m definitely keeping an eye out for other options, but for now these two appear to fit the bill best.  The first is the Kerrville Triathlon in Kerrville, TX.  It’s about 2 hours driving from Austin, so that’s a plus.  The registration fee is the lowest of all the 70.3 races I’ve been looking at too.  However, one negative is that the bike course is inexplicably 57.7 miles (instead of the standard 56 miles).  Now, this isn’t an official Ironman-branded event, so they can do whatever they want, but it doesn’t make sense to have the Ironman swim and run distances and then skew the bike course.  The course would technically be 72.0 instead of 70.3.  Kerrville is a little earlier in the Fall on October 2nd, but certainly within reason for me to properly train.

The second option I’m eying is the Ironman 70.3 Miami.  It’s on October 30th, one week after Ironman 70.3 Austin.  Although it would require some travel (which is a nightmare with bikes, so I hear), traveling to a race in Miami offers its benefits over other locations.  For one, I can fly Southwest, which has zero baggage fees, even for bikes.  Secondly, I could stay with the family at least one night of the weekend.  Lastly, it’s an official Ironman-branded event, which simply makes it cooler (at least for me).  There would obviously be the additional cost of flying to Florida and likely getting a hotel room near the race for a night, plus the logistical hassles that go along with travel.

One other less likely contender, also in Miami, is called Miami Man.  For me it loses points on name alone, but it is before Thanksgiving (11/13) and a 70.3 distance.  The registration fee is on par with the other two and seems to be a reasonable choice.  It loses out to the Ironman 70.3 Miami though because it basically identical without the fancy Ironman brand attached to it (travel, date, cost).  It would be like choosing between Coke and grocery-generic if they were the same price.  But it’s still on the outskirts of my radar.

Anyone have any other suggestions for a race?  I’m still reeling from my random act of dumbness and desperately looking for some closure in the form of another race.

My Own Idiocracy

Dear friend reader, yours truly has really done it this time.  I know you’re patiently waiting for my CapTexTri Race Report, but I have some breaking news that isn’t exactly good.  Due to some scheduling conflicts (and lack of putting things together), I will not be able to do the Ironman 70.3 Austin this coming October.  A few months ago we received a save-the-date for my sister’s Bat Mitzvah.  Well, I didn’t realize it was the same weekend as the Half Ironman, so I went ahead and registered for the race.  Alas, I’m going to try to roll my registration to next year.  Worst case, I can get about 1/4 of the registration fee refunded.  This is definitely my fault and could have easily been avoided.


I’ll be looking for another race for the fall instead.  Wish me luck (and less stupidity)!

Final Pre-CapTexTri Details

As I’m reading through the participant guide for the CapTexTri I’m finding tons of useful crucial information that I didn’t know that I didn’t know.  Who would’ve thought, right?  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Triathlons are a whole lot more complicated than marathons.  For a marathon all you need to know is what time the race starts.  It helps if you line up in the appropriate “wave” based on your predicted finish time, but really you just have to go pick up your race number the day before and then just show up to the race.  For a triathlon, not so easy.

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Eat St. Rocking the Jalopy

Last Tuesday Food Network’s Eat St. came to Austin to kickoff their five-trucks-in-five-days profile of Austin’s mobile food scene.  They’re here filming for Season 2 of their show, after having already profiled ChiLantro BBQ and Lucky J’s last year for Season 1.  Their first stop was at the Jalopy Rotisserie and Press, profiling Nic, his truck, and his delicious food.  Lucky for me I was able to swing by and even make an on-camera appearance!

Eat St crew at the Jalopy

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Race Week – CapTexTri

Well it’s already race week for the Cap Tex Tri!  That came around pretty quick, but I suppose that’ll happen when you register 17 days before the race.  First I need to remind you (and myself) that the race is on Monday, Memorial Day, and not Sunday.  So don’t go sending me all those “good luck” texts, tweets, facebook messages, voicemails, candygrams, Tiff’s Treats*, or anything of that nature a day early.  So race week means take it easy, right?

get your game face on

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Bike to Work Day

If you weren’t aware, May is National Bike Month.  It’s meant to bring awareness to riders and non-riders alike, including sharing the road, environmental impact, and giving out free food.  Within the Month of the Bicycle, May 20th is the official Bike to Work Day.  All around the country bike-friendly shops are offering up free food, coffee, and other goodies to encourage people to hop on their bikes instead of into their cars.

Austin is a super outdoorsy city and there is a ton of support from local businesses.  The City of Austin website even has a map of all the businesses on or near bike routes that have partnered up to make May 20th extra bike-friendly.  The support is amazing and Twitter has been buzzing with all the supporters spreading the word to make sure you get out there.  So obviously I rode my bike to work today, right?  No.

Unfortunately an unexpected 8am meeting and the threat of thunderstorms all day forced strongly influenced my decision to forgo riding my bike to work.  It’s a little over 10 miles for my “short” route to get to work, so it would mean leaving at 7am just to get to the office with time to shower before the meeting without stopping for any fun times from local businesses.  The decision to drive to work did not come easily, but I think it was the right thing to do.  I’ll just have to wait until next May before enjoying some of the Bike to Work festivities.

Will Run To Eat…Literally

We have a lot of fun here on this blog with wordplay, double entendre, and of course, puns.  You’d be hard-pressed to find a blog post without at least a little implied double meaning.  As proof, Google finds 22 mentions of the word “pun” in my blog (not counting the 3 in this post)!  What we’re celebrating today, however, is the literal nature of the blog’s name.  The real intersection where running meats meets eating.

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Eat St. is Coming to Town

Hey Hey!  Big news on this small blog!  Next week one of Food Network / Cooking Channel’s new TV shows, Eat St. is coming to Austin!  Big deal. you might say.  Well, what if I were to tell you that yours truly just might make an appearance on the ol’ boob tube?  Looks like I got your attention*.

With Eat St. coming to Austin, Facebook has been all a-Facebook Twitter has been all a-twitter with excitement.  Tony at Food Trailers Austin has been amazing at keeping the public informed of what’s going on.  You can find schedules where the Eat St. crew will be and when.  And like I said, I might even make an appearance if things work out they way they should!  Things kick off tomorrow (Tuesday, 5/17) at The Jalopy around lunch time at 15th & San Antonio.

Stay updated with Eat St. and all their mobile goodness in Austin and beyond on Facebook and Twitter @EatStTweet.

*let’s be honest, the only thing that got your attention was the word “boob”