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Will Run To Eat…Literally

We have a lot of fun here on this blog with wordplay, double entendre, and of course, puns.  You’d be hard-pressed to find a blog post without at least a little implied double meaning.  As proof, Google finds 22 mentions of the word “pun” in my blog (not counting the 3 in this post)!  What we’re celebrating today, however, is the literal nature of the blog’s name.  The real intersection where running meats meets eating.

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When you have a great idea and execute it well, you don’t need any gizmos or gadgets to win people over.  The folks at Coolhaus have done just that with their made-to-order ice cream sandwiches.  Their truck is petite, not much more than a freezer on wheels with a driver seat, but you don’t need much more than that for something as good as what they have to offer.

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Holy Cacao – Three Times the Fun

Well, it didn’t take long to revisit Holy Cacao.  I mean, let’s be serious… with an amazing offering like the Cake Shake, how could the other menu items not be fantastic?  And actually, it’s their cake balls that put them on the map.

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Austin City Limits

Austin City Limits, a three-day music festival featuring 130 bands on 8 stages, comes to Austin every year.  You know what that fails to mention?  The copious amounts food.  We’re not talking the standard burger or pizza, though there was plenty of that.  Over the three days we hit up sixteen food vendors in and around the concert.  Warning: This post might get a little long, so I’ll try to only touch on the highlights…

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Holy Cacao

Truly bridging the two topics of this blog, my visit to Holy Cacao brought their A-game to the party.  Holy Cacao specializes in cake balls on a stick.  You’ll have to check out their website to wrap your head around that one.  Anyway, after any Saturday long run I look forward to a “treat” to reward myself.  Honestly, it’s probably what gets me through the last 4 miles of all my long runs.  Some usual suspects include Amy’s Ice Creams and any cupcakery in the area.  Don’t overlook the ice cream and cake components of my go-to treats.

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This food shack shanty stand (?) is nothing to behold.   Situated in an unassuming parking lot of a Vespa store, Bananarchy is easy to miss.  The process is straightforward: choose your size (halfsie or whole), decide what you want it dipped in (chocolate, peanut butter, vanilla, or vegan chocolate), and chose from a long list of toppings.

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