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The Salt Lick BBQ Trailer

Oh. My. God.   That’s what Ev and I thought… then whispered… then screamed… as we pulled into the parking lot.   But let’s back up.  Our original dinner plan this evening was to hit up Conscious Cravings (t.b.b.*), a local, healthy vegetarian trailer that I’ve enjoyed before and that we both had at Gypsy Picnic (with tepid reviews).  So why all the Lord’s name in vain business?  Because right next door to our vegetarian destination sat the most heavenly sight to behold.  The unbearably delicious Salt Lick BBQ has set up shop in an old Air Stream trailer not 5 minutes from our apartment.

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Chi’Lantro BBQ – Rounds 2, 3, and 4

I started this post right after my second trip to Chi’Lantro and I’ve been 2 more times since.  Rather than write three separate posts for my favorite Korean-Mexican food truck (and yes, there’s more than one in Austin), I thought I’d spare you and combine them all into one superpost.  Each visit showcased a new menu item with some good and bad to each, so keeping reading to find out what you should get when you try ’em out.

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Franklin Barbecue

Every so often you come learn of a hidden gem that’s been hiding in plain sight.  Lucky for me (and you*) that gem happens to be a food cart less than 3 miles from my apartment.  With a feature in Food & Wine Magazine and what seems to be a cult following, it was a no-brainer that I’d have to visit post haste.

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Chi’Lantro BBQ

Being relegated to North Austin for work has its pros and cons.  The biggest pro is that I drive against traffic to and from work, so I’m rarely caught in any bumper-to-bumper frustration during my commute.  The downside of working in the great white north a few miles from downtown is the lack of food trucks frequenting the area (we need to eat delicious food from mobile kitchens too, you know!).  Anyhow, thanks to a socially savvy creator of Korean-Mexican fusion, I was able to partake in some delicious and creative fare without having to cross any zip codes.


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Old School BBQ

In the wake of leaving DC there were several things that I knew I would miss immediately.  To quote Joni Mitchell, and for the younger folk (me included), the Counting Crows, “you don’t know what you got til it’s gone.”  Well upon moving cross-country, one of the things we left behind was the best burger ever created, at a small shop known as Ray’s Hell Burger.  Since this post isn’t specifically about Ray’s, I won’t go into the details and force myself to relive what I may not have again for a long time (ever?).  Instead, I want to introduce you to the nearest competitor my taste buds have ever seen tasted.

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Austin City Limits

Austin City Limits, a three-day music festival featuring 130 bands on 8 stages, comes to Austin every year.  You know what that fails to mention?  The copious amounts food.  We’re not talking the standard burger or pizza, though there was plenty of that.  Over the three days we hit up sixteen food vendors in and around the concert.  Warning: This post might get a little long, so I’ll try to only touch on the highlights…

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