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Good Luck in Vermont!

Just wanted to give a quick shout-out to Colin and wish him luck at the KeyBank Vermont City Marathon this Sunday!  Since San Antonio (where you’ll remember I left him in the dust), he’s been a man-possessed training for this race.  He picked up a 18-week, 6-days-per-week training plan, peaking at 70 miles in a week (twice!).  You know how many training runs he missed?  Zero.  That’s 107 out of 124 days that he ran.  It included a 1:33:18 half marathon and a sub-40 minute 10K.  To say that he has prepared for this race is an understatement.

Race conditions are not looking favorable, with starting temps in the mid-60s and highs for the day in the upper-70s or low-80s.  He may have to deal with a fair amount of humidity and wind too.  I’m sure he’ll chew up my 3:22:34 PR and spit it out, but I’m OK with that considering how much work he put in.  His goal has fluctuated between 3:05 and 3:10, but with the conditions as they are, may be tempered just a bit.

So, let’s wish him luck* on Sunday for a great race.  I’m expecting a text message from him shortly after, and I’ll keep you updated with how he does.  If you can’t wait, you can track him here.

*though if he happened to cramp up and finish a few minutes slower than 3:22, I’d be OK with that too.  Kidding!!!**

**not kidding

New York City Marathon – Am I In?

I don’t know!  The lottery selection is today (April 27th) and I’m waiting to find out if I’m in.  The most recent number I heard is a 1 in 6 chance of being selected.  That means for Colin and I both to get selected is a 1 in 36 shot.  Not good.  Anyway, I’m sitting here waiting for this page to update.  I’ll let you know what happens.

The Future!

Hello, My Lone Faithful Readers,

I feel like we have forged a strong relationship over the last 18 months and I want to share something personal with you — something known only to those who I hold very near and dear to me I think would care.  As I am sure you have guessed, running is a bit of a hobby.  I dabble.  But it is not the final frontier.

“What!? What is this nonsensical nonsense?” you exclaim.

Well, my friends, fear not.  Running will still be a part of the master plan; it just might have two friends to tag along (which is more than I can say for myself…).  I realize I still haven’t said what I’m saying, so I’ll say it right after I finish saying this.

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Turf N Surf Po’ Boy

The day after the San Antonio Marathon, recovery was my number one priority, so what better way to recover than hit up an untested food cart?  Colin smartly stayed in Austin an extra day to recover too, so he joined me as we picked up Ev from work for lunch downtown.  After hyping up Chi’Lantro BBQ (a lot), they graced us with an atypical Monday lunch opening.  Of course I’m always down for a Korean-Mexican fusion, but this time I wanted to go with something I can’t regularly get.  And what might that be?  A fried catfish po’ boy of course!

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Run Like Someone’s Chasing You

The 2010 San Antonio Marathon took over the streets of, you guessed it, San Antonio on Sunday.  Colin flew down to run the race with me, and it was the first marathon for both of us in quite awhile — Miami, Jan 2010 for me, Chicago, Oct 2009 for Colin.  The worst part has been that Colin’s been holding the title of fastest marathon time between the two of us for 13 months.  From my race preview, you know my goals were to beat Colin this time and beat his best time, so really I’m racing Colin twice.

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Logistical Changes

Quick logistical update!  I didn’t mention it previously, but our original plan for San Antonio was to set sail from Austin to San Antonio bright dark and early on race morning.  That would mean leaving my apartment no later than 4:30am, which would put us in downtown San Antonio by 6am, assuming no traffic.  Seemed like a pretty sound plan, except for basically every review we’ve read about the race.  The main theme is that the downtown area is a cluster.  Some even mentioned leaving their cars on the side of the highway and walking/running 2 miles to the starting line.  Night.  Mare.

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Race Week – San Antonio

Well ladies and gents (and other), it’s race week!  This Sunday is the San Antonio Marathon where I will crush Colin and his Chicago PR and regain the title Colin and I will amicably run together.  It sure doesn’t feel like it’s this weekend though, and Colin agrees.  We’ve talked about the race to no end for the last 4 months, so it isn’t so much a matter of “out of sight, out of mind.”  We’ve also both been training like crazy and feeling very prepared to Rock ‘n’ Roll*.

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BOOM! – Week 15 Review

Another week in the books, and one week closer to the race.  Actually, now that Week 15 has finished, we’re only three weeks (21 days!) until San Antonio!  As I type that I realize 21 is going to be a theme in this post.  I’ll stay away from cliches like black jack or alcohol and spare you the uncreative juices.  Instead I’ll stick to a more boring professional discussion about how a regular Saturday long run turned into a super fantastic epic trek totaling no less than 21 miles.  Continue reading for some exaggerated details about how it went.  Hint: BOOM!

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Elevate Your Game

When training for, well, anything, the saying goes “Sweep the leg” “Practice makes perfect”.  I take this very seriously, at least when it works out in my favor to make a point even though I didn’t realize it.  Case in point, for the upcoming San Antonio Marathon, several of my recent long runs have serendipitously followed a similar elevation profile to the race elevation.  Take a look at the comparison below.  On top is the marathon elevation and the bottom is the elevation for my recent 20 mile run.  I mean, come on. They’re nearly identical*!  I’m so awesome.

So, in an effort to stir up some trash talk, I think Colin is going to be in some trouble to be as prepared as me for this race.  Nevermind he’s coming off an injury, unsure how he’ll hold up over the entire race distance, and doing a 13-week training plan versus my 18-week plan.  No mercy!  Well, actually, we’ll probably run together the majority of the race**.  I’m sure more accidental comparisons will present themselves as well as some professional trash talk, so stay tuned.

*For the skeptics and internet trolls out there, the vertical scale is the same for both graphs.

**At least until I see the opportunity to Tonya Harding him.  Good luck, Nancy.

A First Time for Everything

In case you haven’t been keeping track of my life, I recently began working at National Instruments* in Austin.  It’s been a crazy whirlwind of information being thrown my way, but it’s starting to piece itself together in my head.  Just one of the adjustments necessary when moving to a company 70x larger than my last.  One of the benefits of a larger company is organized extracurricular activities!  Yesterday, we had a 3 Mile Fun Run.

As far as my (running) career has gone, the only “races” I’ve done have been longer distance (i.e. half and full marathons only).  No 5K or 10K races here.  So this 3 Mile Fun Run (note: not a 5K (3.1 miles)) is uncharted territory for these here legs.  I got some quick pointers from Colin (like “deeeeeeeeeefinitely warm up” and “don’t go out too fast”) and showed up to the sign-in table.

After a few important messages, like course directions, we lined up and were let loose.  The course itself was three 1-mile loops, each loop in the shape of a T.  We started at the bottom of the T, headed “north”, made a right, then a U-turn at the right end, ran til we made a U-turn at the left end, and then a right to head back “south” on the long part of the T. I should mention here that all registrants had to write down their expected finish time.  My estimated time was 20:59.  I diligently scanned the list and figured that if it all played out as expected, I’d come in 6th (out of 57 runners).

I warmed up a little by bouncing up and down.  At the start, I found myself in 3rd place and going much faster than my 7 minute/mile pace.  Sorry, Colin.. 0 for 2 on your tips.  Anyway, after the first lap, I found myself in first place!  All I could think was “when are these other guys gonna fly by me?”  After lap 2 I felt a sense of relief as I told myself “less than a mile to go!”  I kept looking over my shoulder, checking for someone to come up behind me.  During each of the U-turns I was able to gauge how much of a lead I had.  As the finish got closer, step by step, I started to realize that no one was going to pass me.

I crossed the line with a time of 18:54, over two minutes faster than my prediction!  In 1st place!  That’s a lot better than 3649th place that I got at the Chicago Marathon.  No word yet if I actually win a prize, but it was cool just to come in first!  Not gonna lie, when we were getting the instructions before the race about the course, I was thinking that only the person in first needs to know where to go.

P.S. – It’s worth noting, this doesn’t mean I’m the fastest person at NI.  It just means I was the fastest person to sign up and participate in this race fun run.

*No, we don’t make calculators.  That’s Texas Instruments.