Run for the Water Preview

Seemingly out of nowhere I came across the Run for the Water race taking place here in Austin on October 31.  The race is put on by the Gazelle Foundation as its largest fundraising event of the year.  The purpose of the foundation is to raise money to provide water to the people of Burundi.  Gilbert Tuhabonye, a survivor of the on-going Tutsi / Hutu war in Africa and from Burundi himself, is the celebrity face of the Gazelle Foundation as an elite runner racing against world-class competition.  All proceeds from the race go to the foundation’s mission to “implement charitable efforts to improve life for people in Burundi and offers assistance to children of our community.”

As for the race itself, it’s a 10 miler starting downtown and navigating through some scenic areas of Austin.  There’s a 5k race and 1k kids run that go along with the longer distance.  Naturally I registered for the 10 miler, because who am I to pass up a local race, especially when it benefits a great cause like the Gazelle Foundation.  I’ll be sure to write up a race report after the race this weekend.  So, y’all come back now, y’hear?

  1. November 2nd, 2010

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