Royito’s Hot Sauce Company

Things that get me through the morning: long showers, doggy kisses from Hazel, lots of coffee, and breakfast tacos. Austin is a town full of breakfast tacos (maybe the only town full of them…). And with the move to Austin came an obsession with this delicious morning treat. Luckily, in the parking lot next to GSD&M Idea City lies the wonder that is Royito’s. Since our office is so close and they’re only open until 10:30am, the “breakfast taco run?” call comes as a welcome a.m. break.

Run by Roy Spece of GSD&M fame, Royitos serves 7 delicious taco options.  All with a soft, flavorful tortilla–none of that dry, flour flavor–and fluffy eggs. Well actually, much to my breakfast surprise, they don’t all have eggs. But they are all tacos, at breakfast time, for $2, and they are all delicious… so I don’t judge.

The potato/egg is an office favorite. I’ve also had the chorizo/egg and the picadillo, which is touted as a “perfect blend of ground beef and potatoes, bell peppers with chopped onions.” And what a perfect blend indeed! I can’t really describe it — it’s kind of the consistency of chunky bean dip, which sounds terrible. But the picadillo is so surprisingly tasty there must be some crack seasonings blended up in there.  Oh yeah, and it’s one of those egg-less types… who knew??

Really you can’t go wrong. But stick with the potato/egg if it’s your first rodeo Royito’s. Cheese and hot sauce on the side let you DIY to your liking.  Did I mention they’re $2?  Thank you, Roy, for helping make the morning fly by bearable.

Name Royito’s Hot Sauce Company
Location W 6th & Wood St.
Austin, TX 78703
Twitter @Royitos
Facebook Royito’s
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  2. November 24th, 2010

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