Sick in the Head – Week 14 Review

::sniff sniff:: Being sick ::cough cough:: when training for a marathon is pretty terrible.  When the two primary tools are your legs and lungs, it’s tough going when you can barely breathe.   ::achoo::  Ultimately, there’s a decision to make.  It’s a fine line between continuing with the training plan, maintaining already-achieved fitness, and overexerting yourself right into an Armageddon-like situation, ending up worse than if you had just rested.  Which way did I go?

This past week started off pretty normal.  I was tired Monday morning from going to bed too late, shuffled around the scheduled runs for the week to accommodate my laziness, and ultimately got it all done… or at least that is what should have happened.  Instead, perhaps it was the lack of sleep, or the changing temperature, or S.A.R.S. allergies, I felt like garbage on Tuesday morning.  That didn’t stop me from crushing 8+ miles, but maybe it should have.

Regardless, when Wednesday rolled around as a rest day, I was more than grateful (graterful?).  Stubbornly I thought “well, Tuesday didn’t feel so hot, but I rested.  Let’s go for 11 miles on Thursday!”  So I did, and things actually seemed to be a little better.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough.  Friday was supposed to be a hard 10 miles.  Instead, I ran zero.  That’s right, my new streak of scheduled-runs-in-a-row came to an end at 31.  That’s a lot!

Saturday was more of the same, so I took the day off again, but don’t worry.  I rescheduled my long run to Sunday.  It went alright for the first 16 miles, but that last one was tough to conquer.  After that was a jam-packed day of free cupcakes and cocktails, my hockey game (yes, I played in it, and we won 6-4, thanks for asking), and then some stand-up comedy featuring the hilarious Aziz Ansari!

Other than that one missed run and the hundreds of tissues I went through, it worked out pretty well.  At least as well as I could have hoped.  That said, it’s Monday and I’m exhausted. Stay tuned for next week’s recap where I tell you about the secret Twilight movie the same ol’ running stuffs.  But now there might be food involved!

Distance Time Pace
Monday 4.09 Miles 38:13 9:21 min/mi
Tuesday 8.28 Miles 1:05:06 7:50 min/mi
Thursday 11.10 Miles 1:31:32 8:15 min/mi
Friday 10 Miles — min/mi
Sunday 17.25 Miles 2:20:40 8:09 min/mi
Total 40.72 Miles 5:35:32 8:14 min/mi
    • Colin
    • October 20th, 2010

    I really like that picture. Feel better. You’re not gonna loose your fitness this late in the game.

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