It's National Running Day!

No need for me to remind you, but just in case, on the smallest off chance, if your phone alarm, calendar alert, backup phone alarm, and personal assistant all failed you: today is National Running Day.  And what does that mean exactly?  Well, I’m not quite sure.  What I do know is that I saved some cash registering for a race.  I just signed up for the San Antonio Marathon (11/14/10) using a coupon code (RUNDAY) to save $15!  It’s only valid today though, so don’t wait.

After some research I learned that National Running Day is an effort to make people more active in the name of health and fitness.  That sounds good on paper, but I’m not sure that we have any health and fitness issues.  I mean, I can come up with examples (here and here) of how fit our country really is!  Honestly, running 4 miles (burn about 500 calories) and eating a dozen donuts (about 2,400 calories) is a sure-fire way to drop the LBs.  Just thinking about it is making me tired and hungry.  And come on, with ad campaigns like this, who needs a National Running Day?

For those curious few: yes, I did go for a run on today’s fine National Running Day.  An average 5 miles in 120% humidity.

Distance 5 Miles
Time 42:18
Pace 8:28 min/mile
Average HR 154 bpm
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