Wine Country: Rated R (for Running)

Saturday was one of those days where I couldn’t really feel sorry for myself.  Actually, it’s more accurate to say I feel sorry for everyone who is not me.  No offense.  Friday, Ev and I flew into San Francisco and drove to Calistoga (think Napa Valley) to meet up with the family for my cousin’s wedding.  To set the scene, we stayed at the Solage Resort and Spa in our own bungalow in which you ride bikes around the property to get around.  I woke up “early*” Saturday morning to hit the pavement.  Here’s where I start feeling sorry for not-me (aka, you).  It was about 55 degrees, perfectly clear skies, and sunny.  To save us both 1000 words, see below.

I headed out of the resort and traveled down the main road safely in a wonderful bike lane.  I ran about 5.5 miles out, and then ran back.  In those 5.5 miles I passed 9 vineyards.  Yes, that’s right, 1.636 vineyards per mile!  Between the perfect weather, amazing physique (yes, that’s me**), and breathtaking scenery, I can’t really complain.  I literally can’t think of a thing to say to make you feel bad for me.

All told, it was a shade under 11 miles of pure, unadulterated running in an indescribable place.  To add to the jealousy you’re feeling, the rest of the day included pancakes, laying by the pool, wine tastings, and a wedding reception.  Overall not a bad day.  Next on the docket, hopefully running on, over, or at least near the Golden Gate Bridge.  Stay tuned!

The Details:

Distance 10.67 miles
Time 1:23:19
Pace 7:48 min/mi
Average HR 154 bpm

*7am Pacific = 9am Central.  It’s funny how much “the time change” was blamed for basically everything.  “I woke up at 5am and couldn’t sleep, musta been the time change”; “I got so hungry at 4pm and totally ready for dinner… stupid time change”; “Ugh, Global Warming is the worst.  I hate you, time change.”

**That’s not me.

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